19 Ocak 2012 Perşembe

Zombie Rock

Hi followers, today im going to give you information about Zombi Rock.Obviously, Zombi Rock is an cover of Brawl Busters.Joygame covered it since they want to give turkish players a game with turkish language and voice.In Zombi Rock, there are 5 many characters, gitarist, itfaiyeci, beyzbolcu, forvet and boksör.Gitarist has a guitar and most popular character in the game because the background sound of the game is played with electro guitar so you want to be a that guitarist.Also, in the game gitarist is strong, he has stun skills and is quiet fast.Itfaiyeci is not only defensive but also supporter character.I suggest players who love defense play with itfaiyeci.Beyzbolcu is the ranger character.He can shoot you in long range.Forvet is the strongest yet slowest character in the game.Finally, boksör is the fastest but weakest character.If you are a skilled player, you must play with boksör.When you play the game you will understand what i mean.

Measurements(out of 10)

Graphics       : 9
Gameplay     : 8
Story            : No Story 
World's Size : 6(need more variety of maps)
Diversity       : 5

Total             :7

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